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Roofline Glasgow provide a roofing and guttering installation service to the Stirling area.

Wondering what the roofline on your Stirling property does?

Then wonder no more as we have all the answers here!

What is the roofline?

Take a look at your roof and for a moment, consider everything that you see. The gutter, the board to which it is attached, all the other boards that finish off the edging of the roof and so on.

All those components from the soffit boards to the fascia boards and gutters are all part of the roofline on your Stirling property.

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What does the roofline do?

The importance of the roofline on your Stirling property cannot be underestimated;

  • Seals the roof space – imagine if there were holes or openings are the edge of your roof? As well as pests making their way in, weather could also get into the roof space causing damage and problems.
  • Filters rainwater away as fast as possible – water is erosive and when it pools on a roof or property, it becomes heavy. The roofline is the first line of defence in keeping your property dry. Your roof shelters you, but the roofline ensures that this rainwater is funnelled away quickly and efficiently.
  • Finishes off the look of your property – a neat and tidy roofline makes for a neat and tidy exterior to your property. If there is guttering missing and various things hanging off your property, it doesn’t look at its best.

How easy is the roofline to maintain?

On one hand, roofline components are up high which can make reaching them difficult and dangerous. Never climb a tall ladder by yourself. Always think safety first.

However, get a professional, knowledgeable and reputable company to maintain and repair the roofline on your Stirling property, and you can be confident not only of quality repair or maintenance but safe ones too.

Is it expensive maintaining, repairing or replacing roofline components?

The roofline on any property is a simple system. And yet without it, your property can look untidy, stains can streak the walls from leaking gutters and there can be problems with sodden soil around your property too.

Repairing and maintaining the roofline is easily done and is not expensive. Components can also be replaced easily and quickly. Again, the cost of replacement components is relatively inexpensive too.

You can opt for straightforward replacements or you can choose from components that suite the period or age of your property. In most cases, the replacements are made from high quality plastic although there may be other materials available too, depending on your budget.

Can I get a free quotation for maintenance, repairs or a new roofline system?

Yes, you can, just give us a call today!

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