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What are the main components of my roofline?

Roofline is not something that we hear commonly referred to as frequently, people refer to the individual components that make up the essential ‘accessories’ on the outside of your home that perform essential functions – like channelling rainwater away from the outside of our home as quickly and as effectively as possible.


Roofline Glasgow

Roofline – what is it?

Roofline is a term often used interchangeably with fascia and refers directly to the wooden or plastic boarding around the outside of your home and can be seen in between the roof and the walls. You will find your guttering and downpipes attached to some of these panels.

Wooden panels or boards so need regular, if not annual maintenance; many homeowners will have spent many a summer up a wobbling ladder, paint brush in hand. Failure to maintain these wooden panels, meant rainwater would seep in causing damage to the timbers inside your attic space – the trusses that are effectively holding your roof up!

Plastic fascias offered a way out from this annual painting chore but many Paisley homeowners wrongly believe fascias and the like only come in white; you can specify and order different colours to suit the outside of your home as well as the area of Paisley your reside.

Here’s a quick guide to the components of your roofline:

Guttering – this described the half pipes which run along the roof edge and the downpipes, through which rain water is channelled to the sewers around your property. It also includes the clips that keep your guttering firmly adjacent to your property. Any misalignment can cause problems; if you see a downpipe or half pip that looks out of line, then it needs fixing sooner, rather than later.

Fascias – these are the wooden or plastic panels on which your guttering is attached. A rotten wooden panel will mean your guttering will move and will not work to its maximum effectiveness – in other words, it will leak.

Bargeboards – these are the fascias that follow the gable ends and are cut to form a neat apex in the middle, where they join.

Soffits – this is the boarding that you will not see unless you stand underneath and look up. These boards, usually made from wood and painted, run under the eaves, sitting at right angles to the wall. Some Paisley rooflines have mesh soffits to that the roof and house can ‘breathe’.

Cladding – this is the decorative, overlapping planking you see on some Paisley properties, either under the gable ends or on walls. Again, traditionally made from wood, customers who find they have rotten wooden cladding can replace with uPVC style tongue and groove system.

Looking after the roofline of your Paisley property is part and parcel of your home maintenance. If you see damage and need competitive quote for repair or replacement, contact Roofline Glasgow.

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roofline glasgow
roofline glasgow
roofline glasgow