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Roofline Glasgow provide a roofing and guttering installation service to the East Kilbride area.

Keeping an eye on your roofline

Many homeowners do not keep their roof and roofline in mind, only taking notice when there appears to be a problem; however, if there are holes or damage to drain pipes, broken guttering or blocked down pipes, then over time it can cause problems both internally and externally to your property.

Roofline Glasgow

So, what should you be looking for when keeping an eye on your roofline?

Tip 1 – Buying a house?

Checking the roof and other roofline components such as guttering etc., should be something you examine carefully BEFORE you buy. A well maintained roofline will give you peace of mind as undetected problems can cause both internal and external issues.

Tip 2 – Troublesome Trees

Roofline East Kilbride customers find that trees close to their property can cause problems and damage to their roofline – if this is happening to you, then you need to get the trees trimmed to limit the damage now an in the future (we suggest consulting with a tree surgeon or other specialist as falling branches etc can cause even more damage should they hot your property!)

Tip 3 – Clean the gutters

Many homeowners don’t do this until the guttering on the roofline is blocked and overflowing – not a pleasant job! Blocked guttering for roofline East Kilbride customers can cause internal problems such as rainwater gradually seeping in to the attic space. The weight in the gutters can also cause the guttering to sag. All this does not create a favourable impression to the outside of your property – leaking rainwater can stain paintwork, for example.

Tip 4 – a breathing roof

Many roofs and attics are now so well insulated, that many homeowners overlook that the roof should be allowing your house to breathe, and therefore it should be amply ventilated.

Tip 5 – do-it-yourself repairs or not?

Repairing and maintaining your roofline can be routine tasks that can be completed by anyone but consider the fact that guttering etc, can be high – if you are not comfortable working at heights or feel that the repair is beyond your own skill set, then you need to get a specialist roofline company to do it for you.

Tip 6 – choose a specialist roofline company

Roofline Glasgow is a specialist company with many years experience in roofline services to East Kilbride customers. Not only will a well-maintained roofline keep your home damp and damage free, it can also creating a pleasing look to your property. It creates a favourable impression too for potential buyers as they approach your property, should you be selling your home.

Roofline Glasgow can provide roofline East Kilbride customers with competitive quotes for replacing of guttering, fascias, down pipes and other roofline components.

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roofline glasgow
roofline glasgow
roofline glasgow