Roofline Eaglesham

Roofline Eaglesham

Roofline Glasgow provide a roofing and guttering installation service to the Eaglesham area.

Do you know what a roofline is?

The roof is the structure that (hopefully) keeps you dry and warm; it forms the outer layer that buffers away the weather and other debris thrown at it. It is also structurally important, holding in the outer walls of your property.

We know when things go wrong with our roof, usually at the point when there is a gaping hole but the roofline is slightly different. It is not a part of our Eaglesham property that is checked regularly.

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What constitutes the roofline of your Eaglesham property?

Roofline is a term used to describe several components:

  • Fascia boards – this is the board, facing outward that runs along the length of the bottom of the tiles of your roof; the gutter is fixed to this board. Frequently made from wood, unless it is painted or treated, over time it will eventually rot from rainwater. As it loses strength, it may not be able to hold the gutter, falling away and looking in poor repair.
  • Soffits – this is the important component of your Eaglesham roofline that bridges the gap between the wall and the protruding edge of the roofline, which we commonly known as the eaves
  • Barge boards – these are the boards that are virtually unreachable without scaffolding on many houses and properties! These are the boards that seal the edge of the tiling on the gable end of the roof, meeting in the point or the apex of the roof.
  • Guttering – these are the channels that catch the falling rainwater from your roof, giving it a swift route from your property to the sewers or to rain harvesters.

But why is the upkeep of your roofline on your Eaglesham property important?

All the components form an integral part in the defence of the fabric of your building against the weather; after all, the wind, rain and sun (when we see it!) are the elements that offer the most danger when it comes to our homes. As soon as there is a chink in the armour of the roofline, the elements will find this weakness, exploit it and start to cause damage.

Let this damage continue and, eventually, the structure and fabric of your building could be compromised.
Not looking after the roofline components, such as not re-sealing or replacing leaking gutters could, in the very long term, lead to erosion of the foundations of the building, ultimately ending in some subsistence.

Don’t let this happen! Keeping the roofline on your Eaglesham property well maintained costs less than you think, as does replacing section of the whole system!

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