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Roofline Glasgow provide a roofing and guttering installation service to the Dullatur area.

Why looking after the roofline of your Dullatur property is simply essential!

The roofline of a property is often the unsung hero, the components of which you probably rarely take any notice off. Winter after winter, storm after storm, they do their job time and time again.
Inevitably, all that weather – the wind, the rain, the sun, the ice and the snow – will take their toll leaving the roofline of your Dullatur property in need of some much needed attention.

On most properties, the roofline is at the top end of the exterior of your property, which means fixing the gutter that is hanging off is done by balancing at the top of a ladder. Unless it is safe to do so, we always suggest contacting a reputable company, like Roofline Glasgow to complete the work for you.

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What happens when the roofline is not maintained?

A broken gutter that leaks, a rotting fascia board or a soffit that is not ventilated when it should be are just three aspects of the roofline that can start to cause problems.

  • Unsightly stains on exterior walls – when it rains, the water gushes of the roof and should be caught and funnelled away as quickly as possibly along guttering and down pipes. When the guttering is cracked, broken or with a section missing, it can result in an unsightly stain on the exterior wall of your property where the rain water runs down. With sunlight, this water turns green and can be staining too, remaining a blot on the wall long after the gutters are fixed.
  • Interior damp – there could be a possibility too, that any problems with the roofline on your Dullatur home that is allowed to continue, could lead to damp in the house too. As well as water running down the outside of the walls possibly seeping in to the house too, there is also the lack of ventilation when the soffit has been replaced incorrectly. This means that on some properties, the moist air generated inside has no means of escape, leading to problems with damp on the walls.
  • The appeal of your property diminishes – when the roofline is not functioning efficiently, it will have an impact on how your property looks. It will look jaded and worn which may not be the impression you want to give, especially in the case of selling a property.
  • Foundation heave – at the very worst, when the roofline of a Dullatur property has broken down and has been this way for some time, it can mean the foundations of the building become sodden. This heavy, water logged earth pushes the foundations out of line. This is something that is very expensive to repair!

Look after the roofline of your Dullatur property. Call us today for a chat about maintenance and repairs.

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