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Roofline Glasgow provide a gutter replacement service to the Milngavie area.

Neglected and forgotten but performs an essential role…

What are we talking about?

We are referring to the guttering system on the exterior of your Milngavie home. So far, the winter of 2013 has been a very wet and blustery one. Not that we expect to you stand in the rain unprotected but on drier days, have you taken some time to check the exterior of your property? Is the guttering working as it should be?

Guttering Mingavie

Poorly maintained or damage gutters can cause you no end of expensive problems. The idea behind guttering is that is channels the rain water away from the roof and exterior walls of your Milngavie home, quickly and efficiently.

When the working life of your gutters are challenged by debris or other detritus blocking the quick run-off of rain water, it starts to pools – and water is heavy. In no time, gutters will start to sag with water starting to seep down walls. Left unattended, at it will eventually makes the interior of your home damp; let it carry on past this and the very foundations of your building could be compromised, as water erodes the underlying strength of the structure.

And so, to help Milngavie customers check their guttering for defects we have come up with the following ideas and suggestions, none of which you will be pleased to know will see your bank account take a hefty knock (repair and maintenance is far less expensive than correcting subsidence…)

  1. Fitting new guttering to your home is not necessarily a specialist job but, without the right tools, know-how and a head for working at heights, then it is probably best to call in an expert. Roofline Glasgow deal with all aspects of roofing and guttering, so we’ll be a good first phone call the make for an estimate or quote for any work needed.
  2. Types of gutters can vary and so you will need to consult with a professional, like a member of our expert guttering team, about what type and shape etc. will suit the visual appearance of your property.
  3. Fitting is not difficult but, if you like things straight, then this is the one time when it won’t be! Guttering should never be level; it should ever-so-gently slope toward the down toward the down pipe to aid run off and stop pooling.
  4. Seals on new guttering systems for your Milngavie home need to be correct and robust, otherwise your gutters will be leaking in no time, so check that these look well-sealed.
  5. We also suggest for customers whose properties are close by trees etc., that invest in screens or mesh to form a protective cover, preventing the majority of debris from falling into the gutter, causing it to block. It really will save time and money on maintenance, but if you are close to a tree line, maintenance of your gutters should be a high priority on your list.

Here at Roofline Glasgow, we offer a comprehensive guttering repair, maintenance and renewal service that includes looking for various tell-tale signs that the gutters are not performing to the best of their ability; moss growing on various parts of the pipes and channels, for example, suggests that rainwater is pooling.

We can also help you with setting up an eco-friendly rain harvesting system as part of your overall guttering system, perfect for keen gardeners and collecting what could soon be precious rainwater in the drought of a long, hot summer.

Having your guttering repaired or replaced is not a huge job, but one that is essential. So, call us if your gutters are in need of some expert TLC.

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guttering glasgow
guttering glasgow
guttering glasgow