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Roofline Glasgow provide a gutter replacement service to the Kirkintilloch area.

The guttering on your Kirkintilloch property – everything you need to know…

The guttering on your Kirkintilloch property is the unsung hero of the outside of your home. It performs an essential function time and time again, and yet, we give it very little thought until it is damaged, broken and in need of repair.

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Is the guttering on my Kirkintilloch really essential?

Yes, it is! The gutters are the funnels that channel rainwater away from your roof. In a downpour, gallons of rainwater can fall on your property and you need this to be filtered away from the ground around your property quickly and effectively.

If the water is not, then it can cause you problems:

  • Damp in the house – if the ground around your property is permanently saturated, it can cause damp inside the property
  • Stained exterior walls – old aluminium guttering on Kirkintilloch properties, if they leak, can stain the exterior walls of a property with an unsightly green stain
  • Saturated foundations – likewise, if the ground under the foundations of your property is also saturated, followed by drying out, then saturated again can cause a little known phenomenon called heave. This simply means that the foundations of a property become unstable, causing walls to twist, move and heave – that is, push upwards

The good news is… guttering on your Kirkintilloch home is easy to maintain and repair!

And, in most cases, is inexpensive to keep maintained too but, many people rely on local, experienced companies to complete the work. Guttering can be difficult to reach and not everyone is comfortable climbing ladder and then spending time unblocking gutters, or fixing new channels to the exterior of a property.

Don’t wait until the guttering needs repairing…

Like many other areas of the home, maintaining the guttering in a good state of repair is the best way forward, negating any need for expensive repairs bills.
Cleaning the gutters twice a year, for example, can help avoid damage and blockages during the winter months, the time that the guttering on a Kirkintilloch works at its hardest. There are additions you can make to gutters that help prevent blockages, such as autumn leaves clumping together preventing the free flow of water.

Would you like the health of the guttering system on your Kirkintilloch home maintained and repaired? If so, don’t take a chance and climb the ladder yourself; call us for a competitive quote for repairs and maintenance.

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guttering glasgow
guttering glasgow
guttering glasgow