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Roofline Glasgow provide a gutter replacement service to the Bothwell area.

Why your guttering could save you a whole heap of cash this winter…

As winter starts to close in, many of us will once again retreat in front of a roaring fire and either assume or keep our fingers crossed that the outside of our property, from the roof down, will once again protect us from the worst of the weather.

And, if you believe the reports and studies that are bandied about on a frequent basis, the ‘freak’ weather patterns we have witnessed of late, could be here to stay. As the jet stream ‘gets stuck’ in an awkward spot, we will either be enjoying balmy temperatures in December or snow in June.

But, regardless of what weather we find ourselves enjoying – or not, as the case may be – the outside of our property withstands these elements. But, we are all guilty of not paying enough attention to various components, including the guttering on your home.

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What guttering on properties MUST do…

  • Rain water run-off is important – rainwater needs to leave the roof and exterior walls of your property as quickly as possible. When you consider the volume of water that can pour of a roof in a heavy deluge, you will be genuinely amazed. In the majority of cases, the release of rainwater away from the roof does happen quickly and effectively, providing the guttering is in good working order.

If it isn’t – there may be cracks, missing parts, too level etc. – then you are storing up problems from the future…

  • The Big Freeze – we never know when or if the Big Freeze will strike but, if it does and there is standing water in the guttering of your home, you may find with the thaw that you have a problem that needs repairing. Frozen rainwater is heavy. When water freezes and then thaws, it causes the guttering around it to contract and expand, neither of which is a good thing for a material. If it is weak, then it may crack it…
  • Sits – water, despite it being fairly simple in composition and innocuous in nature – it does have an erosive ‘force’ about it. Just look at waterfalls and how they work away at the land over time. This may be a slow process BUT, sitting water in guttering of your home is also heavy; it is erosive for some materials but also the weight will causing a unpleasant looking sagging… and then water leaks… and then there can be more trouble…
  • Leaks – unsightly stains, damp in the house, foundation heave are just three things that leaking water from guttering on your home, will, over time, create. One is more expensive than the other and so on…

Looking after guttering – repair or replace – is relatively inexpensive; spend the time and a small amount of money NOW and shouldn’t face a big bill in the spring!

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guttering glasgow
guttering glasgow
guttering glasgow